Asia Illustrations Collections


For submission details and precautions, please refer to the instructions below.
Registraton is now open and it will close on 31st May, 24:00


1. Personal Particulars
(1) Actual name or pen name (Either one):
(2) E-mail:
(3) Official website or Facebook fan page:
(4) Personal introduction (Max 100 words, words exceeding the prescribed word limit ought to be deleted. Please write in Traditional Chinese or English):
(5) Nationality:
(6) Contact number (including country code):
(7) Contact nddress (including zip code):

2. 5 Pieces of Artworks
Submission Format:
A. Style: New and old artwork of any style can be submitted (so long as the copyright of the artwork belongs to the contestant himself)
※ Do not include any autographs or texts in your artwork, has an image-based illustrations as a main point of submission. Non-compliant artwork shall be disqualified and shall not be refunded. (After being selected, the organiser will label each artwork with the contestant’s autograph in a clear and complete manner. Don’t worry about it.)
B. File name: Please enter a name for the artwork, max 10 words
C. Format: JPEG (.JPG)
D. Color Mode: CMYK
E. Size: (horizontal) 72.5 x 60.5cm or (vertical) 60.5cm x 72.5
F. Resolution: 72dpi
(Please retain the original image with a resolution of 300dpi for post selection editing use)

3. Personal Photos
Submission Format:
A. Content: Limited to colour or black-and-white photo of actual person (cannot reveal the face, head shot image illustration is not acceptable)
B. Format: JPEG (.JPG)
C. Color Mode: CMYK
D. Size: 5X5cm
E. Resolution: 300dpi

4. Autograph
Submission Format:
A. Content: Personal handwritten autogragh file in white background, black wordings (best without background).
B. Format: JPEG (.JPG)
C. Color Mode: CMYK
D. Size: about 9X5.4CM range
E. Resolution: 300dpi

5. Consent Statement
A. Download the Consent Statement file and print out on A4 paper (Asia Illustrations Yearbook Collection Activity – Consent Statement and Privacy Policy PDF file)
Agreement & Registration Link :
Click for download
B. Autograph and dated
C. Scan as 300dpi jpg file

※  After preparing all the above 5 documents and files, kindly attach the pay slip for entry fee (RM80) to together with your detail and artworks with your agreement.

Bank Detail: 
Creative Volts (M) S/B
Maybank Acc No:501271446646
(*Fees paid are non-refundable.)

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