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Can I still make changes to a submitted artwork after submission?
Every competition has different rules and regulations, contestants will need to make changes to artwork according to the rules and regulations set by the competition.

What is the submission ID (SID) in the email I received after submission? Do I need to remember it?
Submission ID is the order of artwork submitted to the competition which is unique to every contestant. It is used to search and verify a contestant’s artwork. It may be helpful to remember it for checking the artwork after submission.

How can I get a follow-up on a submitted artwork?
After receiving the submission, the organizing committees will use the provided email address as a primary mean of contact, please make sure that contestants are providing the right email address.

Can I do a make up submission past the submission deadline?
The artwork submission and committee review procedure of the competition are listed in detailed. To ensure fairness of the competition we apologize that we will not take in any submissions after the submission deadline.

What should I do if I experience a submission failure due to a technical issue or a sudden situation of unable to submit my artwork?
Should you experience a technical issue, please take a screenshot and send it to the customer service email: before the submission deadline with a brief explanation of the experienced issue. We will provide assistance to solve the issue and completing the submission.

How can I make changes to my artwork after I receive a notice about my artwork not meeting the competition qualification?
All notices on artwork requiring changes will also provide method of artwork submission or upload after changes, please make sure to not miss it!

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